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We won’t ignore the fact that the car is needed in some of our daily activities. But let’s be realistic, we are often using a car for things we don’t actually need it for. Below are our 5 reasons why...

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04. März 2019 09:32:24 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

Nice weather is ahead of us and now is the best time to get your folding electric bicycle. A large number of our partners currently have an offer where Xplorer Mini can be yours for 600€. We know thi...

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28. Februar 2019 14:57:55 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

First of all, we're super proud of you because you're not parking your electric bike during winter. Since you're using it for city ride or you're planning to go to nature with it, here is a couple of...

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07. Februar 2019 09:17:47 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

It's cold. (Un)pleasant 3° that thermometer shows while I am thinking in the morning before work how should I get to the office. I have a car parked in front of the building, but I already imagine a ...

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28. Jänner 2019 09:28:59 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

If you’re tired of city crowds and waiting on the streets, then the electric bike is the right solution for you! Unlike the electric scooter we usually recommend for city driving, the e-bike can be d...

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08. Jänner 2019 12:11:41 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

Shorter days, longer nights, colder weather, rain - does not sound like ideal conditions for biking. Still, there is no reason to stop using an electric bicycle just because the conditions are not id...

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03. Jänner 2019 09:08:20 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

Do you love camping and every year you are looking for a new destination to explore? Do you like adventures and escape from everyday life? This year the adventure can become even better with the Xplo...

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02. Jänner 2019 09:04:15 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

Today, an electric bike is considered to be one of the best transportation solutions. You do not have to worry about where you will park it because you can fold our mini e-bike and take it with you w...

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28. November 2018 09:08:55 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes
PAS system or Pedal Assistance System helps with accelerating and maintaining the speed on your e-bike. PAS intensity goes from 0 (no assistance) to 5 (full assistance). That means if you’re driving w...Read More
12. November 2018 09:19:38 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

Although I've always been a fan of normal bikes, one ride with mini e-bike brought me to the dilemma about which bike is better. On the one side, I still enjoy riding a normal bike in nature, but look...

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05. November 2018 10:54:11 CET By Katarina Leko E-bikes

You decided to start an advanture with your bike, everything is ready, jou just need to fill your tires.

Tire pressure affects traction and rolling resistance. Too high or too low pressure can, in some...

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27. Juli 2018 13:33:07 CEST By marketing E-bikes

It is that time of the year when we all like to spend some time riding our bikes.

But there is a question from e-bike owners: „Can you get fit on an e-bike?“.

Well, many will say that riding e-bikes fo...

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23. Juli 2018 15:53:25 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes Fitness

Which one to buy - e-scooter or e-bike?

In previous blogs, we talked about e-bikes and e-scooter, but here we will compare the two and show their real-world functionality.


- affordable

- light...

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16. Juli 2018 13:36:10 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes E-scooter

In today's blog, we will discuss the possibility of replacing your car with an e-bike. We will follow the store of one American who claims that it is possible, but it depends on certain factors.

Eric l...

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09. Juli 2018 14:06:48 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

In this blog you will learn how to set up the e-bike computer. The following instructions are valid only for Xplorer Sydney and Dune.

In order to enter setup menu, you will need to turn on the bike, th...

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29. Juni 2018 15:52:33 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

In today's blog, we will mention some advantages of foldable e-bikes and bust 5 myths about them.


1. Take it with you wherever you go

The greatest advantage of any foldable bike is its size wh...

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25. Juni 2018 15:07:58 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

You still ask yourselves whether an e-bike is a right choice for you? Then this blog will help you make a final decision. Reasons to buy an e-bike can be very different; fun, hill riding, going to wor...

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15. Juni 2018 16:21:33 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

European Commission has given a new proposal - all electric bikes must have insurance.

In Bruxelles, the Commission decided that all electric bikes must have insurance from third-party liability. That ...

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25. Mai 2018 15:51:50 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

In the 1890s, electric bikes started to appear in US patents.

At the end of 1895. Ogden Bolton Jr. Was granted a patent for a bicycle powered by batteries with 6-pole hub motor mounted in the rear whee...

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21. Mai 2018 14:42:32 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

In the last few days we have gotten many inquiries about e-bikes and „extreme“ weather and riding conditions.

Lets clear up when you can and when you cannot ride your e-bike and how to ensure no damage...

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14. Mai 2018 14:11:06 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

In today's blog, you will find out how to properly care for your e-bike's battery to make it last longer.

All Xplorer e-bikes have removable batteries to make charging and storing easier.

Unlike e-bikes...

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07. Mai 2018 09:28:13 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

Ebike drives can be sorted in the two categories: hub drive ebikes and mid-drive ebikes. Let's see what are advantages and disadvantages of the both and their intended use.

Hub drive - hub drives are v...

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04. Mai 2018 15:41:00 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

Regenerative braking - does it pay off?

Why are regenerative braking systems so inefficient and how much?

Regenerative braking is a process of braking with an electric motor in such a way that it conver...

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20. April 2018 14:23:31 CEST By Martin Matešić E-bikes

Winter is coming and the temperatures are dropping. The time has come to prepare your e-bike for the colder conditions and snow. Right now, as this blog is being written, the temperature outside is 5°...

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01. Dezember 2017 12:30:22 CET By ivan marketing E-bikes