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Maintaining an electric bicycle during winter

07. Februar 2019 09:17:47 CET

First of all, we're super proud of you because you're not parking your electric bike during winter. Since you're using it for city ride or you're planning to go to nature with it, here is a couple of advice for maintaining your bike during winter.

Battery and bike maintenance

We will keep this one short because we have already written about this. Due to winter conditions, count on weaker battery performance. After you complete your ride, carry the battery with you to work or home to a warm place. After each ride, wipe off the electric bicycle with a cloth and put some wax on your bike. And do not be lazy, every week you should take care of chain and clear it from sand, salt or dust.

The tires

If you do not have electric bikes like Xplorer Dune and Xplorer Sydney, it would not be bad to think about purchasing a mountain bike tires (super winter) for mud. Those are very wide tires that has a very large gaps that gives you the grip needed to avoid slipping in the snow or ice. If you don' have money for them, there is a simpler solution. Get creative and make something equivalent to the chains on the car tires. All you have to do is get a zip-ties, but ones that are a bit stronger than a regular ones. Just put them around the tire so you get grip on slippery surfaces. Careful though, they will not hold on for all your rides so check them before each ride.

Additional equipment

Days may become longer as we approach spring. However, there is still fog and it is very likely that we are not done with snow. It may also happen that you sometimes remain overtime at work. We hope not. It is a recommendation and a legal obligation to wear a reflective vest overnight. We are also not delighted with the design of the reflective vests but let your imagination be on your mind and be creative here as with tires. You can use LED tire caps or LED tracks for your electric bike, which will keep you safe.