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The company

Xplorer LLC

112 Capitol Trail, Newark,

County of New Castle, Delaware, DE 19711, USA


At Xplorer, we believe in a better world through sports. This belief has been at the heart of our winning culture since the very beginning.

Founders of Xplorer, believed that sports play a vital role in teaching our children fundamental values like a strong work ethic, teamwork and good sportsmanship. And, they understood that supporting the organizations that make youth sports possible is the best way to promote those values.


Xplorer is a brand of sports products: bicycles for adults and kids, bike accessories, fitness machines and equipment for home and commercial use, equipment for table tennis and ball sports.

Xplorer products are characterized and distinguished by quality, attractive design and affordable price which is the main reason why the brand has become recognized as a synonym for products for sports and recreation. The company has been present on the market for twenty-two years during which it has become a leader in sales of bicycles in Croatia and expanded business to other markets in the region


Xplorer Sports Fit for Life promotes healthy living. It aims to improve the quality of life through education about regular physical activity, a balanced diet and a positive attitude towards different types of exercise, be it outdoors or indoors.

Active and healthy living

The best way to keep in shape is regular physical activity. Recommendation of the World Health Organization is daily physical activity of moderate intensity for at least half an hour conducted all at once or in several smaller segments. Exercise offers the best opportunity to maintain the health of your mind and body. He, who has once felt the great feeling after an intense exercise, relaxing run or a ride on the bike in the woods, will not be able to give up exercising, cycling or sports in any form. Combined training has the most successful results.

Sport equals a lifestyle that leads to health, self-confidence and good looks.

In today's modern and busy way of life people do not live an active lifestyle, they simply do not move enough. Sitting at the computer has replaced moving around.

Consequence of the modern age and the lifestyle it brings is a decrease in the immune system that entails a lot of diseases. Every man therefore should set aside some time for himself and find at least 10 min a day for a moderate physical activity, such as swimming, cycling, running, training on a equipment, or any other form of recreation.

Via an active life people can significantly improve their own health and thereby affect their life in order to feel healthier, happier and more satisfied.

We want to help people improve and maintain the quality of life. Therefore, we work with top engineers and designers in order to meet your expectations. Quality control in the manufacturing process is our absolute priority.

We offer our customers delivery and service support for all parts of European Union.

With an extensive sales and service network, your problems or concerns will be resolved promptly.