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Mini e-bike vs. Normal bike

05. November 2018 10:54:11 CET

Although I've always been a fan of normal bikes, one ride with mini e-bike brought me to the dilemma about which bike is better. On the one side, I still enjoy riding a normal bike in nature, but looking from the other side, e-bike has a lot of benefits, especially for the city rides. What is better at the end of the day? Both!

1. Bike transport

E-bike transport is much easier than transporting a normal bike. E-bike folding lasts 30 seconds max. and it's super easy to transport it in your car. Transporting normal bike takes more time if you're not ready for long-distance cycling.

2. Training

The normal bike requires better form and you'll probably take this one for long and challenging rodes. Of course, with an e-bike, you can always turn off pedal assistance and do offroad training for better results. In case you get lazy on your way, just switch to the pedal assistance mode and rest a bit while you're on your way. I personally prefer using e-bike for city ride, without some big hurdles and for extreme roads I recommend the normal bike.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance process is basically the same at both kinds of bicycle. With a normal bike, you have to maintain the chain, tires, brakes and etc. With an e-bike, you have a battery as additional, but if you follow up instructions we've already written about, it won't take you much time to take care of it. In the end -if you have some dilemmas about which bike to get, you won't make a mistake with any. You'll enjoy either way so grab your bike and go to your new adventure!