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Going with electric bike to work

28. Jänner 2019 09:28:59 CET

It's cold. (Un)pleasant 3° that thermometer shows while I am thinking in the morning before work how should I get to the office. I have a car parked in front of the building, but I already imagine a million people who are already driving their cars and the stress behind the wheels. All the stress because of the traffic jams, people who do not know how to ride, passing through a red light - not for me. Public transport? Better option than a car, but still all that crowds in trams or buses, no way. I cannot stand it anymore. I decided to choose the best option there is - the electric bicycle.

I have some 10 km to the office, for which e-bike is more than enough. Since it goes up to 25 km with one charge, it's quite enough for me to go to the office and get back home. I can even use it to go to a meeting in the middle of working hours.

Given that I love cycling, I decide to combine PAS and normal cycling with no support. This means I ride a part of the drive with the PAS, and I choose to cycle normally the other part of the journey, which also saves the battery. In case of empty battery, I just take the seat out, plug it into the charger and charge it through the most common socket.

The way back home is going smoothly. I avoid that entire crowd at four or five o'clock in the afternoon when everyone is driving back to home. As the electric bicycle goes up to 30 km/h, I'm home in a blink of the eye. The best of all? The mini electric bicycle weighs only 13kg and is foldable, which means I fold it and carry it easily to my apartment. What are you waiting for?