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We won’t ignore the fact that the car is needed in some of our daily activities. But let’s be realistic, we are often using a car for things we don’t actually need it for. Below are our 5 reasons why we think the electric bike is better than the car.

1. An electric bike is an environmentally friendly solution as opposed to a car. An ideal and practical solution for trips to work or for nature rides. With an e-bike, you can forget about traffic, noise, or emission of harmful gases.

2. Electric bicycles are very practical for holidays, especially if you’re on the coast, and you want to explore some other beaches or go somewhere else on the trip. You do not have to think about where to park and you can enjoy a new adventure with a great ride.

3. Physical activity is a very important factor, especially today when we live mainly in a sedentary way of life. If you put your e-bike on the lowest speed or you turn off PAS, you can train while you’re driving since you will be pedaling without any help from the engine.

4. An electric bicycle is easy to transport. It's easy to carry or to transport.

5. With an electric bicycle, you are never alone. Felt of freedom? Invaluable. Unlike a regular bicycle, with an electric bike, you can be faster and you can explore more of the destinations.