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Shorter days, longer nights, colder weather, rain - does not sound like ideal conditions for biking. Still, there is no reason to stop using an electric bicycle just because the conditions are not ideal. We are going to be honest, we wouldn't recommend you to drive an e-bike during the worst rain because of the electric parts that are more sensitive to rain than ordinary bicycles. However, in conditions with very little rain or low temperatures, the electric bike will satisfy all your needs with proper maintenance.

Maintaining the battery

Do not worry, even in winter conditions the battery can survive driving normally. Tip for battery maintenance: when you're done with driving, take the battery with you to your home or work, in some warm place. What you can expect while driving on super cold temperatures is slightly slower speed and maximum range, which is perfectly normal for every battery, even for an electric bicycle battery.

Bicycle maintenance

After driving, don't just pack the bike before cleaning it thoroughly. For better protection, we recommend that you put on wax on the frame to protect the color. To remove the water from the hidden parts, it will be enough to put WD 40 on those places. During the winter it is recommended to clean the chain at least once a week to remove dust, sand or stones. Also, we advise you to wipe the brakes, wheels, and disks with a wet cloth and all the wires, connectors and battery, with a dry cloth for better maintenance.

In the end, if you drive while it's raining, you have to avoid large puddles. And that's it, you're ready for winter!