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E-bike computer settings (Sydney and Dune)

29. Juni 2018 15:52:33 CEST

In this blog you will learn how to set up the e-bike computer. The following instructions are valid only for Xplorer Sydney and Dune.

In order to enter setup menu, you will need to turn on the bike, then press nd hold upper and lower button for around 2 seconds until P01 shows on the screen. Settings can be adjusted by the upper and lower buttons and changing between settings is done by pressing the middle button.

WARNING: modification of factory settings can lead to ptoduct's failure, warranty is voided if faults are produced due to changing settings. Speed limit can be changed, but at your own risk, EU has defined speed limit of 25 km/h.

P01 - backlight level 1-3

P02 - speed unit km/mi

P03 - battery voltage

P04 - sleep timeout

P05 - assistance level (PAS) - 0-3 levels, 1-5 levels, 2- no PAS

P06 - wheel size - 22“ Sydney, 28“ Dune

P07 - number of magnetic poles in the motor

P08 - speed limit

P10 - PAS setting, leave as it is

P11 - PAS sensitivity

P12 - PAS power

P13 - number of PAS sensor magnets

P14 - maximum current

P15 - system setting

P16 - total distance