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Where can you ride electric bike?

08. Jänner 2019 12:11:41 CET

If you’re tired of city crowds and waiting on the streets, then the electric bike is the right solution for you! Unlike the electric scooter we usually recommend for city driving, the e-bike can be driven in the city as well as in nature. 16 "wheels, a 250W engine and the fact you can ride up to 25 km with one charge will be enough for you to enjoy the ride.

Last week we also wrote about the ways to maintain the bike during the winter. So there is no need to park an electric bike in the apartment or garage and wait for the spring. You can use the electric bicycle as an alternative way of transport at any time without any worries.

With an electric bicycle, you can easily go to work. Since the Xplorer Mini e-bike is foldable and easy to carry, when you get to work, just carry it with you. Also, at work, you can charge it in case of an empty battery and prepare it for the trip home. Best of all, you do not need any special charging sockets. Just pull out the seat, hook it to the charger and put all of it together into the ordinary socket.

In addition to avoiding traffic jams, you will avoid stress and be happier and more relaxed for that day. Aside from city driving, you can also ride the electric bike in nature. The Xplorer Mini has 16" wheels with which you will overcome most obstacles without any problems. Of course, our advice is not to go to big off-road adventures with Mini, but for a pleasant and normal ride in nature, it will be enough. For bigger adventure, we recommend a combination of PAS (driving) and regular cycling. If you put a little bit more effort and do not use PAS all the time while driving, you will get better results and get the ideal form. The foldability of an electric bicycle makes it easier to carry, meaning that if you drive somewhere, you take an e-bike with you wherever you go. And that’s when the real adventure starts.