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E-bikes and Rain

14. Mai 2018 14:11:06 CEST

In the last few days we have gotten many inquiries about e-bikes and „extreme“ weather and riding conditions.

Lets clear up when you can and when you cannot ride your e-bike and how to ensure no damage will occur.

I already wrote a blog about e-bikes during winter and there I described proper care and maintenance in such conditions. Here, I will also give you some advice on riding and proper maintenance during rainy days.

We know since elementary school that electronics and water do not mix together. That is correct, but thanks to technological development, we have waterproof electronics such as newest smartphones. You should know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

All Xplorer electric bikes come with IPX4 certificates which means that the passed the water jet spray test from all directions 8thus water resistant). That does not mean that they will always be water resistant. Bike's resistance can diminish over time if improper care is taken and especially is the user does not maintain their bike regularly. NOTICE: warranty vill be voided if it gets water damaged. All connectors are waterproof and it is important to make sure that they are properly connected. The battery is protected by the aluminum casing with rubber gaskets and control electronics is placed inside the bicycle's frame.

Few tips on maintenance:

- wipe your e-bike with a dry cloth after every ride in wet conditions

- after every ride remove the battery, wipe it dry and make sure that the charging connector is dry before charging

- spray mechanical parts with WD-40 to displace any water and prevent rust (NEVER spray disc brakes or brake pads)

- if you were riding on mud, clean your bike before the mud hardens to prevent paint and mechanical parts damage

Advice for riding during rain/ on wet surface / on mud:

- avoid water deeper than 5 cm (2 in)

- maintain speed lower than 20 kph on wet and muddy terrains unless you have good fenders or are not afraid to get muddy and wet

- if you want to ride on rain, invest in waterproof footwear and clothes

- put some lights on your e-bike to be visible to others as well as for better visibility

- do not brake hard to avoid sliding and falls

Xplorer e-bikes can be ridden in any weather, just make sure that you have taken proper measures and your e-bike will always be ready for new challenges.

Author: Martin Matešić