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E-bikes - Battery Maintenance

07. Mai 2018 09:28:13 CEST

In today's blog, you will find out how to properly care for your e-bike's battery to make it last longer.

All Xplorer e-bikes have removable batteries to make charging and storing easier.

Unlike e-bikes with integrated batteries, you can take the battery off from our e-bikes and charge it wherever you want without having to bring the whole bike.

Our e-bikes use Samsung lithium batteries of high capacity and a long lifetime (1000-1500 charging cycles). Battery's lifetime is considered to be the number of cycles until the battery's capacity falls below 70% of its original capacity.

1000-1500 cycles is estimated if the battery is charged from around 0% to 100%. Here is some advice to make your battery last longer:

- charge the battery to 80% (taking into consideration that such smart chargers are very expensive, simply charge the battery an hour less than it usually takes to 100%) - this method can double your battery life

- if you are charging the battery to 100%, start using it in the next 24 hours (if fully charged battery sits for extended periods of time, its capacity starts slowly degrading)

- feel free to charge overnight, both battery and the charger will stop charging when the battery reaches full charge

- never discharge below 20% (at low voltages, battery will slowly lose its capacity over time)

- never discharge the battery to 0%, it will activate safety systems which will permanently disable it to avoid safety issues

- do not leave the battery in direct sunlight or in hot places

-when storing the battery, charge it to 80% and put it in a dry and cool place. Check the battery level every 30 days and charge if needed

- during the winter, take the battery off your e-bike and store it at the room temperature (in extremely low temperatures, the battery will have at least 20% lower mileage which is completely normal for lithium batteries

Author: Martin Matešić