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Foldable e-bikes - Advantages and myths

25. Juni 2018 15:07:58 CEST

In today's blog, we will mention some advantages of foldable e-bikes and bust 5 myths about them.


1. Take it with you wherever you go

The greatest advantage of any foldable bike is its size when folded. It fits in every car's trunk, office, apartment... Take it with you while going to buy groceries, for a coffee with friends, to avoid traffic jams just to enjoy your ride.

2. Acceeration

Thanks to smaller wheels, it is much easier to accelerate than with larger wheels. Small wheels have less resistance making it much easier to get up to speed from a dead stop. Plus, if you add motor's assistance, you will take off like a rocket.


With a foldable e-bike you can enter any public transport vehicle, making it very useful while raining or if you get a flat tire.

4. Avoiding traffic jams

This advantage has all electric commuter vehicles, I presume that everybody knows what it feels like to go to work with a car during rush hours. With an e-bike, you can without any struggle and sweat get to work on time and get there faster, not to mention that there's no need for finding a parking spot.

5. Simple to use

Folding and unfolding can be done in just a few seconds and everything you need to do to use motor's help is to turn the bike on, set assistance level and start pedaling.


1. They are fragile

It is a well-known fact that hinges are usually a weak point, but bike designer has solved this problem by reinforcing those joints and hinges to make them much stronger and more resistant to failure.

2. They are slow

You would think that because of tiny wheels, but this problem is also solved. Small bikes usually have a big crank sprocket which compensates for smaller wheel radius while maintaining the same cadence as on the full-size bike.

3. They are too expensive considering their purpose

Foldable e-bikes have lower prices than their full-size brothers. Considering foldable bike prices, they are more expensive due to additional electronics and the battery. Consider this: write down how many expenses you have for your car per year and write down an e-bike's price and add maybe a $1 for electricity. It is self-explanatory.

4. They are heavy

It depends on the manufacturer. Xplorer's e-bike Mini weighs only 12,8 kg which is the weight of a lighter full-size bike

5.Short range

Still depends on the manufacturer. Xplorer's e-bikes Mini and Sydney have very good ranges, ranges of full-size e-bikes, 45km for Mini and 90km for Sydney, respectively.

Author: Martin Matešić