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All about PAS system on e-bike

12. November 2018 09:19:38 CET
PAS system or Pedal Assistance System helps with accelerating and maintaining the speed on your e-bike. PAS intensity goes from 0 (no assistance) to 5 (full assistance). That means if you’re driving with mode 0, you’ll need the pedal whole the time and with mode 5, you’ll have maximum assistance and speed on your electric bike. With PAS system, pedalling is much easier than with normal bike and it provides a safe and casual ride, not only on the city streets but in nature as well. Depending on where you ride, you will adapt pedal assistance modes. Before you start, turn on the Power button and hold for 3 seconds. You’ll see then PAS modes. For changing modes, press once “up” or “plus” button for higher speed, or “down” or “minus” button for lower speed and assistance. If you press and hold “down” or “minus” button, your e-bike will get in the mode of constant speed of 6 km/h. We recommend you to check the conditions on road before getting on a bike and to think about the speed and assistance you’re going to need while riding. If you are going to take a city ride, adapt your speed. For open roads and streets with no crowd, feel free to enjoy your adrenalin ride.