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Electric mini bike - ideal solution for camping

02. Jänner 2019 09:04:15 CET

Do you love camping and every year you are looking for a new destination to explore? Do you like adventures and escape from everyday life? This year the adventure can become even better with the Xplorer electric bike. The best part of the story of an electric bicycle is the simplicity of transport. The mini e-bike is foldable so you can pack it without problems in the car, without taking too much space. After you have an e-bike, a tent and everything else for camping, you can take care of your destination.

Why is an electric bike ideal for camping? Usually, the best camping places are located on some isolated parts of the cities, villages, islands, etc. If you are going to the island, that's probably going to be a hilly area, which can be pretty challenging during the summer heats. In this case, an electric bike can become the best solution for great recreation while you're on vacation. You want to explore nature and other places around your camp? There's an electric bicycle. Do you want to explore some bigger places with more content next to your camp? There's an electric bicycle. You want to survive biking along the hill and get to the top without dying? There's an electric bicycle. With speeds up to 30 km/h, the Xplorer Mini will be enough for the most enjoyable ride.

So, this year, choose a new form of adventure and such a vacation you won't forget. Just imagine driving with a wind in your hair while you explore new destinations and natural sights that will leave you breathless. And regardless of the summer heat, you will get through all the challenges. Then, where are you going on vacation?