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Rain and bad weather set you up in a bad mood? You cannot drive a bicycle or hoverboard so you’re looking for fun? Look no more because fun is guaranteed with AR consoles! You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive consoles because the AR console can be yours for 9,99$! That’s right. More than 20 different fun games are available with only one app.

If you choose our base model Crossfire or Xcalibur, you have to download the Super AR application. For some more advanced consoles like Protons or Blasters, there is an AR Gun application. Why are Proton and Blaster more advanced gaming consoles? Thanks to the additional joystick, you will be able to easily change the ammo; you can zoom and move smoothly around in space.

Although the AR consoles seem to be only for children, the whole family can enjoy them. The fact is that kids spend too much time on smartphones, but with the game consoles we are also encouraging their movement and the development of motor skills. If the whole family is involved in playing then the real fun begins.