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Every day, we're getting more and more information about what we should do, how we should do it and why. I'm sure that many times your decision-making process is lost in the flood of our own and underlined desires.

With this blog I wanted also to encourage you to choose the best source of solutions for buying a new product or service you need. And, for me, there's no doubt that this story starts with your needs.

I would like to mention here some of our clients experiences recognized as the most important. Of course, we are talking about your way of movement.

Ok now, first thing on the way to the best solution is to remind yourself what are the main problems in your everyday transport in order to identify which solution is best for you.

My list of questions looks something like this:

what is the distance from point A to B?

what is my travel time?

what is the biggest problem on my route?

can I wear my ordinary clothes in the certain type of transport?

does my new transport support all the outside conditions?

can I add any extra value by using it?

can I save some time and money?

is there any potential danger I should be aware of?

do I have to spend some extra time servicing it?

When you have had your own answers, you'll easily get specific parameters. In my case the answer came like this:

My most important daily move is my way to work. Google Maps tells me that that distance is about 2.1 km from my home, which is 15 minutes by car, 25 minutes by tram or 26 minutes by foot. Of course, also depended on the crowd.

Since I work yoga in the morning, it's not so important for me to engage the path as a physical activity to work - so I reject that option for the sake of time. I also deny the ride by car because it is a silly distance which demands more time and money for parking. And tram… somehow it seems already clear.

So, after all, my solution is e-scooter, more precisely - Xplorer Ambassador 8 ".

The new decision has multiple results:

every day I save about 40 minutes

I don’t pay fuel, parking or tram anymore

I just fold it and put it under the table and he’s calm

I still wear my business skirts

I do not wait, sweat or park

I have never been more successful in avoiding advertisements and stubs

If rain, my transport is still cool

I save the environment

I’m becoming a professional in chasing guys

I feel like in the movie :)

My new morning ally, Mr. Ambassador 8 '' needs only one thing from me in return - the battery maintenance so we can together last longer.