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Blaster AR console

21. März 2019 09:17:03 CET ar gun, ar console, gaming console,

So far we've introduced Crossfire, Xcalibur and Proton AR gun and now it's time for Blaster. This fun gadget that connects with your smartphone serves to play numerous mobile games. Download the AR GUN app (app store, google play), connect AR console via Bluetooth with a smartphone and go to a new adventure. It is the most fun to play first-person shooters, as you can use 360 ° rotation and maximum mobility during a game. Why we put Blaster in a group with Proton and what makes it different from Crossfire and Xcalibur? This popular model has additional controls for quick-change ammo, zoom and a joystick on the side that is used to move around the space. AR Gun application supports augmented reality so you can shoot at enemies while your current environment is displayed in the background.

Like all other consoles, Blaster is a gaming console for the entire family. Children do not have to enjoy games themselves, but parents can join them as well. The best part? You will not pay the whole fortune for the console because they are now available for 9,99€ only.