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Everyone should learn to ride a bike. And the thing is once you have learned is not something you ever forget you can do. Most people remember their first bike. For many people, bicycling never stops and has been an intricate part of their entire life. For others riding stops the moment they get their driver’s license.

Here’s a list of the most important reasons why everyone should ride a bike.

It’s good for your heart

30km a week on a bike can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

Boost your immune system

Riding a bike and getting some moderate exercise can boost your immune system, so you can beat off colds and minor infections much easier.

Save money by commuting by bike

It’s a great way to save for future investments. Save on bus fares, and save on Gas, by simply pedaling two wheels to work.

Increase Vitamin D

Lack of sunlight can have a major impact on vitamin D levels. Not getting enough sunlight can have a negative effect on your mood, and perhaps more concerning, a lack of vitamin D has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and can affect you at a genetic level.

Get to actually know the place you live

You’d be amazed how much opportunity there is to just explore your local surroundings, or how much of it there actually is when you’re not in your car. Maybe you’ll learn to appreciate your local community all the more for it.

Get fit without thinking too hard about it

If you choose to go to work by bike, not only will you save a fortune on gas, you’ll also get fit without having to spend a fortune on gym fees.

Save the planet

Cycling is not only really good for you, it’s also really, really good for the planet. 70% of all car journeys could be made on a bike in less than 20 minutes. There’s all the carbon based pollutants cars throw into the air that affect the Earth’s climate

You’ll see real progress

Suddenly you realizing it, you’re already going down the other side, and you didn’t even notice. There is no better feeling in the world than the day you weigh yourself and you realize you’ve lost weight. It’s a phenomenal feeling.