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In the previous blog we discussed mechanics i.e. explained how Xplorer AR console works and what is it used for. So, enough theory, let’s move on to the practical use. In order to describe the Xplorer AR console in a best possible way, our bloggers Antonija and Martin took them home for testing. Here are their experiences:


Xplorer Crossfire AR console has arrived. Unboxing and app setup went without a problem. It was time to test Super AR mobile app which contains only single-player games. The app consists of 20 modules or games of which first 12 offer various battles: dinosaurs in the prehistoric era, zombies in archeological ruins, civil war, tank war, planes or spaceships, there is a lot to choose. In remaining 8 modules the battles took action in my living room. Each module has 8 levels, that are easy in the beginning, but later become harder and require certain skills and tactical gameplay.

Firstly I decided to enter the dinosaur era and fight with dinosaurs. After module selection, a short story about player’s mission comes up and the battle begins. In the beginning, I had a simple rifle and in later levels, you will get other weapons such as a machine gun or a mortar. When I started playing, I was sitting in a chair, but the game became so dynamic that in few minutes I ended up flying across my apartment, and I got quite a few awkward stares, but I was so much immersed in the game that I didn’t care. I, who was playing video games around 10 years ago, was so immersed in playing games with AR console that I cleared all 8 levels in one go. It is unbelievably cool.

I needed to try AR games as well. Which game to choose? Although I have the fear of spiders, I decided to try that game first. The story says that these are not regular spiders, but giant mutants. Dinosaurs were gigantic and there was the maximum of 3 at the same time, so I expected something like that, but I got very surprised. About 10 big spiders started running towards me from my kitchen. I was firing at them from my rifle, but their number increased and the rifle became useless. I quickly bought a machine con using coins and it became much easier. In level 1 I destroyed around 100 spiders, not bad! All in all, I expected to examine the AR console, play a few games for around 20 minutes and place it aside, but the AR console simply possessed me. I just couldn't stop playing. It was so fun that I spent at least 5 hours playing. I killed zombies, flew around my apartment, yelled out of excitement when I cleared each level. Usually, I am very skeptic about gadgets and games, but Xplorer AR console changed my mind. It is much better than regular games, I would compare that with the differences between 2D and a 3D movie. There simply exists a new dimension which provides a better feeling of reality and enjoyment in playing games.


Super AR app offers 20 games of which first 12 take action in the in-game graphics environment and remaining 8 games take action in your surroundings. All games are shooter games, each offers 8 levels which are easy in the beginning, but later increase in difficulty and require speed and skill. In 1st level, you will have only one weapon, other weapons such as machine console, missile launcher laser gun will be unlocked later in the game.

Some of the games are: tank battle, surviving the zombie invasion, battle against dinosaurs, plane battle, space battle with spaceships, battle with robots…

First game that I decided to try was Naval Warfare because I was intrigued by planes. The game takes place over the ocean and the goal is to destroy enemy planes before they destroy you. Planes fly from all directions and attack you with machine guns and bombs. By taking into account that the game was very dynamic and that the enemies are coming from all sides, I flew around and really got immersed in the scene. In the last level, I had to beat the intimidating boss, large scary bomber. It took a while to clear all 8 levels, but the fun didn’t come to an end and I decided to play other games on my phone battery completely drained. Then I was impatiently waiting for my phone to charge so I can pay again.

After a full charge I decided to try few AR games. I will mention a game named Sky Craft. Suddenly my living room became full of asteroids and planes were flying between them and shooting at me. I had some kind of energy weapon which I used to destroy them. In later levels, you will be dealing with big spacecraft that look similar to the X-wing from Star Wars which have much more powerful weapons. I was fascinated by asteroids, they appeared to float in my living room like they were in space.

For the end, I will say few words about Super AR killer app. The setup process is the same as for Super AR app, but this app allows multiplayer gameplay. In order for multiplayer to work, al players have to be connected to the same WiFi network. After you choose which game are you going to play, one should create the “room” so others can join. After everyone joins the game, the fun can begin. There is no better entertainment than playing with friends, imagine yourselves together shooting planes that fly all over the living room or shooting at each other like you are playing paintball or laser tag.

For the first time I experienced wonders of AR technology and I can tell that I am amazed. Rest of the day I spent playing AR games and I remained astonished how a gadget like AR console is able to provide the completely different dimension of gaming. In comparison with gaming consoles and PCs, you can experience challenges in the real world thanks to this gadget and by the way move and develop new skills.

Authors: Antonija Jerbić, Martin Matešić