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Xplorer Code - Hoverboard for Everyone

22. Dezember 2017 10:21:14 CET

New hoverboard Xplorer Code has arrived!

Somebody aside would think that it is just another hoverboard in the row, but we in Xplorer are very happy with the Code, Why?

Code's specifications are very similar to other Xplorer hoverboards: 6.5-inch wheels, its maximum speed is 12 kph, its range is between 15 and 20 km per charge, charge time is 1-2 hours, it is powered by two 350W hub motors and 36V 4.4Ah Samsung battery. It also comes with the remote controller which enables you to turn the hoverboard on or off, use a siren or change riding modes from beginner to advanced.

Beginner mode is used to make the learning process easier and faster for those who are trying the hoverboard for the first time. In beginner mode, the maximum speed is limited to 6 kph and the hoverboard reacts much slower. It also has the Bluetooth speaker which can be connected to any smartphone for listening to the music or one can use the hoverboard as a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker, LED headlights with turning indicators and battery level indicator light.

However, Xplorer code has some advantages over other hoverboard models. The first advantage is its low weight of only 10 kilograms which makes it the lightest hoverboard on the market. That makes it very convenient for young children, speaking of which, children as light as 20-23 kilograms and adults up to 120 kilograms can ride it which is another advantage. Next and maybe the biggest advantage is its relatively low price point given its quality build and components.

Xplorer Code comes in red, black, gold or camouflage.

Author: Antonija Jerbić

Edited by: Martin Matešić