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Xplorer AR Console Proton

11. Februar 2019 08:58:43 CET

We have written so much about an augmented reality that we can already put together a quality lecture about it. Although we know how many kids adore lectures, so maybe we better keep blogs.

The AR console (Augmented Reality) is a fun gadget that connects to your cell phone and serves to play mobile games. Proton is a more advanced model of the console that will bring new dimensions of fun to all those who use it. Download the AR GUN app (app store, google play), connect the AR console via Bluetooth with smartphone and action can begin.

It's best to play first-person shootings because you can use 360 ° rotation and maximum mobility during GamePlay. This popular model has additional commands for quick-change ammo, zoom, and a side-by-side joystick that is used to move around the space. The AR GUN application also supports augmented reality. In other words, you can set that Zombies or other enemies are jumping right in front of you in your environment.