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Xcalibur AR console

20. Februar 2019 09:01:26 CET

Hello everybody, doing fine today? Looking for some fun games and aventures you can enjoy for affordable price? Look no more because today we introduce you Xplorer Xcalibur, AR gun.What is AR gun anyway? It is augmented reality gun which, as its name says, augments your reality. With Xcalibur you'll be able to enjoy more than 20 different games with one app only and the best part? It costs less than 11 pounds. 11 ponuds, you heard it right. SO, how does it work?

Before you start anything, you'll need to put 3 x AA baterry in your gun. Then, you need to download Super AR app and put a bluetooth on your smartphone on. Phone will automatically connect with a gun. Once it's connected, put the phone on the phone holder on the gun and start your new game. Choose between 20 different games on the app. We will choose here crashing down the planes. You can see how it looks. Fun. Isn't it? The best part, you can put a game in your own enviroment to make it more real.

There you are, all set. We will leave you now to enjoy the game.