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Wrangler hoverboard

25. Februar 2019 09:15:18 CET

You ask for it, you got it! The 8.5" hoverboard model comes back as a Wrangler, a beast you will carry everywhere with you. You think you know something about hoverboard driving? The best adventures are yet to come.

Powerful 700W motor and 8,5 "large wheels - do we really need to add something else here? The masive design and solid construction feature this model that will blow your mind, mostly because you can enjoy the ride on uneven terrain. The speed of 12 km/h makes the adrenaline ride, which is why you will be the main attraction on the streets. The Samsung battery will be sufficient for a 15-20 km range withn one charge so you can go completely careless anywhere with Wrangler.

Like other Xplorer models, you can connect your Wrangler with your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy it even more. Measure speed, check out the best tricks on the hoverboard, connect with your crew, and organize the race. There are no more boundaries for the entertainment!