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Who can play with AR consoles?

14. Jänner 2019 08:51:27 CET

When you first see the AR console, you think AR consoles are intended for kids playing on it. However, experience from the trade shows we did has shown us how older people enjoy the new dimension of entertainment. We had cases where adult people would come to buy the console exclusively for themselves, which we fully support. We had a great time while playing with consoles in the office that we've organized the competition between us. And yes, we're talking here about adults, 20-50 years old. AR consoles seem to be fun for all generations.

Of course, the youngest ones enjoy them the most. The best part of the story with Xplorer AR consoles is that you get endless fun with one console. It's not just one game you can play. When you download the Super AR or AR Gun application, depending on which console you have, you can enjoy more than 20 different games. Furthermore, the games are so different that you can either destroy all the enemies in nature, kill the zombies that crashed into your reality or you can shoot the fruit so that you gain points.

Why are AR consoles that special? The fact is that kids spend more and more time on their smartphones sitting down on their couch. What the AR consoles allow is more movement for kids and learning through the game. Kids are also developing their motor skills and they are learning something new while having fun. For AR consoles it can be said that they are fun not only for the whole family but also for colleagues and your crew. Try it today!