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Using and maintaining hoverboard

18. Jänner 2019 11:40:55 CET

We have recently released a new generation of City hoverboard models that you can connect with Bluetooth to your smartphone. Also, through Xplorer City app, you can track driving information or listen to your favorite music. Today's blog is intended for hoverboard maintenance because we have had a lot of questions about hoverboard usage and how to keep it.


Avoid driving on rough terrain with hoverboard models that are not for offroad. This will avoid engine and plastic damage. Avoid driving in the rain or in the ponds because it is still an electronics that can be damaged by water contact. Do not leave a hoverboard on the strong sun and extreme temperatures. The hoverboard battery is sensitive to very high and low temperatures and may cause battery capacity to fall. After each run, clean the hoverboard of impurities and check if the charging connector is clean and dry.


Like any other battery, if you are not taking care of the battery, it won't be working as it should. Don't charge the battery to 100% if you are not going to use hoverboard for the next 1-2 days. If you charge it totally, and you do not use a hoverboard, there will be a permanent loss of battery capacity. Do not empty the battery under 15% because excessive discharge will also result in a capacity loss. Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures (<5 ° C;> 50 ° C)


It is a common thing for all models of hoverboards that after some time you can feel that one side of hoverboard is stronger than other. It is a normal thing that you do not have to worry about because the hoverboard sensors are sensitive so you just have to adapt them over time. The solution to this is very simple, that is "alignment" or calibration. The calibration process itself is very simple and we recommend that you do it only when you notice that your hoverboard is starting to run "weird" or if you notice one of the above indications. The steps for calibrating the hoverboard are:

1. Set the hoverboard on a flat surface.

2. Align both sides (use upper and lower plastic joints as a reference).

3. Turn on the hoverboard in calibration mode: press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until all lights on the hoverboard start blinking.

4. Align the hoverboard platforms to be fully horizontal.

5. Do not use hoverboard until it is turned off by itself.