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Training with IE 500, elliptical trainer

15. Februar 2019 08:55:42 CET

Xplorer IE 500 is a professional elliptical trainer which is intended for commercial use thanks to quality and longevity of carefully selected materials.

This elliptical trainer perfectly simulates natural body movements while running thanks to its special design with rails and rollers which provide linear stride. Compared to other elliptical trainers, arm and leg movements completely correspond to natural movements which are important for right muscle activation.

One very important feature of elliptical trainers is their impact on joints and ligaments. It is well known that almost all runners have experienced issues with their knees or ligaments in their heels due to repeated impacts while running. Elliptical trainer completely eliminates that problem because your feet are on platforms during the whole exercise and impact on joints and ligaments is very low which is ideal for older people and those who have joint issues.

This machine has 15 (HRC, fat burn, HIT, hill, country...) +1 fully programmable modes. All 15 modes can be configured according to the user's requirements and every user can input their weight, height and other parameters to ensure correct HR target zones and calorie counts. The resistance control system uses magnetic induction to provide up to 450W of braking power (although specification says 300W). The large flywheel of 14 kg is used to ensure smooth operation.

IE 500 is compatible with the iConsole+ app which adds fun to regular training sessions. iConsole+ app is used to simulate running on real-world terrains worldwide by using Google StreetView and terrain inclination data. After you choose your route, on your smartphone/tablet's display the route from Google Street View will appear (this app is great for hotels so that guests can jog or run around the place they are staying to explore their surroundings while training).

The machine generates its own electricity and it operates by itself, so there is no need for the wall plug.