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Holiday presents - top 3 suggestions

19. Dezember 2018 14:04:34 CET

Holiday fever is here and it's time to do what? That's right. It's presents time. And as every year it becomes more and more difficult to choose what to buy. Gloves or scarfs? Or again some expensive perfume as last year. Forget these boring gifts and be unique this year. Take a look on our top 3 suggestions for presents this year!

1. Xplorer AR consoles

What it would be like if there were no game consoles for kids for Xmas? And not just for kids. By what we saw at the InfoGamer, adults were crazy as kids about our AR consoles. They are an ideal gift because they are extremely affordable, and it will take only one click to get yourself into the world of unforgettable fun. Try out the new adventure in the new year and give yourself or others one of our AR consoles or all of them! Crossfire, Xcalibur, Blaster or Proton? Give it all!

2. Xplorer Electric Bike Mini

Why would you wait for the purchase of a new bike when you can use the holidays and give yourself or someone you care about the super present, Xplorer electric mini bike? This folding e-bike will be an ideal solution for the adventures in 2019. The best of all? The Mini Electric Bicycle is extremely easy to transport so you can easily transport it anywhere. Ideal for city driving, but also for driving by nature.

3. Xplorer Cherokee electric scooter

Let's be realistic, you can see more and more electric scooters on the road. Why? Because everyone is becoming aware of the advantages of alternative forms of transportation in relation to the car. Since the Cherokee electric scooter is foldable, you can easily pack it as the best gift so far, and it will be convenient for you to transport it anywhere. Do not wait any longer and choose this perfect present for your loved ones.