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How to Manage Muscle Soreness

18. April 2018 14:47:58 CEST

Everyone who wants to transform their body by exercising knows that musle soreness is imminent.

Well, there are 5 best ways to relieve muscle soreness.

1. Exercise - light exercise helps improve circulation and increase in blood circulation helps lessen the pain

2. Stretch after every exercise - the more time you spend stretchng, the faster your recovery, the faster you will be able to get back to your program

3. Start slow - whether you are just starting to work out or or you are implementing a new exercise into your routine, always start slowly without forcing yourself. You progress will not be any less if you start with less resistance or reps on your first day and you will deffinitely experience much less soreness and be able to recover more quickly after every exercide

4. Muscle massage - you do not need to pay the professional for this one, self-massage is an ideal way to help speed your recovery up. Just do not perform a muscle massage right after the exercicse because you will disturb the natural recovery process. But, at any other given time, only 5 minutes of the massage can greatly incriase the circulation.

5 Ice - Ice relieves inflammation pain by initially restricting the blood flow and numbs the affected area. You can put an ice pack on any bodypart up to 20 minutes at a time, mulitple times a day. At first, you will feel very uncomfortable ,but over time, you will get used to ice packs.

Author: Antonija Jerbić