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Training program for muscle mass (beginners)

18. Juli 2018 15:18:13 CEST

In today's blog, I will present to you an ideal workout program for gaining muscle mass. After a 6 month research, we created a workout plan that works even for hard gainers.

General information about muscle mass and other workout plans can be found in previous fitness blogs posts. This super program offers everything you need to get fit and become well conditioned, we combined three cardio pieces of training per week with a five-day-split for with carefully picked rest periods. Exercises themselves can be customized but must be suitable for targeting selected muscle groups.

The number of reps is not important, what is important that your last rep leads to failure, failure is important for overloading muscles to activate protein synthesis. Ideal rep range is between 8-12 reps.

Here is your five-day-split:


Chest - 5 exercises 5 sets

Abs 3-4 exercises 5 sets


Legs - 5 exercises 5 sets

Cardio - 20-30 min


Back - 5 exercises 5 sets

Lower back - 2 exercises 5 sets


REST from weight training (40 min cardio)


Arms - 6 exercises 5 setsa


Shoulders 5 exercises 5 sets

Cardio 20 min


REST from weight training (40 min cardio)

If you follow the plan carefully, you can expect positive results in 2 weeks.