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Training for Muscle Mass for Beginners

25. April 2018 21:14:22 CEST

You are a beginner who wants to gain some muscle?

This blog is dedicated to all beginners and those who just started (1-2 months into training ) and plan to gain some muscle. We will see why it is recommended to start with lighter weights or resistances.

Let's start with one fact: first 3-6 months represent the most productive period in which you will get most gains. Majority of beginners make a big mistake and copy professional bodybuilders and end up injured or underdeveloped (no or little gains).


You probably know that stress affects gains (Arnold Schwarzenegger repeats that all the time). Yet did you know that stress induced by lighter weights gives much better results with beginners than heavier weights? In fact, every new stress results in muscle growth (with proper nutrition). Bodyweight and light weight training are a very powerful stimulant for the beginner because you are not adapted to higher stress levels (one rep max weights for example often lead to overstress and injury). Taking into account that you probably didn't train by lifting weights, lighter weights represent a new stress for your muscles and your muscles will respond to their development and gains.

To conclude, if you want to increase your muscle mass, start with lighter weights to adapt to new types of stimuli and later progressively increase your weights as you progress.

Pro tip: choose your beginner weights by testing your 12 rep max for every exercise you want to perform.

After about a month, your body will conclude that you need more strength and it will increase protein synthesis speed. This phase starts after 4 weeks of training and lasts up to 12 weeks without the need to increase the weight.

A phase of tiredness - if you repeat the same training over and over again, your body enter the tired phase when your progress stops, tiredness increases and lack of interest for exercising begins to overcome your will to exercise. If you feel like you are nearing that phase, increase your weights and change your training plan.

One last tip: do not forget about healthy and balanced nutrition plan which will help you maximize your potential!

Author: Martin Matešić