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How to ride hovershoes?

04. Februar 2019 09:00:22 CET

Hovershoes or adrenaline fun on two separate wheels is a new form of great fun with which you can make unlimited number of moves. In other words, hovershoes are an improved version of hoverboard that is still popular. With hovershoes, you could easily become the new star of the Youtube scene and someone who will be followed by the millions of followers. With a top-of-the-range 250W motor, you can achieve a speed of 12 km / h. With a single charge you can go up to 10 km, and since charging takes only 2 hours, you will be able to quickly charge them up and prepare them for new tricks. Are there any rules on how to ride them? Surely. We will give you a couple of recommendations to stay safe on them, and you are then you are free to try all the moves you can imagine.

Before driving

Before you go, check if hovershoes are ON. You need to check the battery, or whether it is fully charged for the ride you plan to do. It is a good idea to have shoes with a flat sole for better balance during driving.

How to get on hovershoes

Like with hoverboard, the most fails occur when you try to get on or off the hovershoes. Before you start driving, it would not be bad to invite someone to be with you, at least until you get used to it. When you feel safer, get on the hovershoe with your whole foot and then get immediately with your other foot on second hovershoes.


Try to keep the same distance between the two hovershoes at the start to avoid uncontrolled stretch. By shifting body weight, you will control your speed. It is important to be relaxed throughout the ride, at least in the upper part of the body.