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Hovershoes vs. hoverboard

14. Dezember 2018 12:24:17 CET

Even birds know what hoverboard is. Who knows, maybe some of them have even tried it. From the youngest generations to the older ones who gave this unique present to their grandchildren, basically, everyone has heard for hoverboard. It is a self-balancing device whose motion depends on shifting the weight and balance of the hoverboard user.

The main difference between the hoverboard and the hovershoes is that the hoverboard is made up of two wheels connected to the shaft. Hovershoes don't have a central shaft. They come as a seperate wheels, one for each foot, which is why their movement will be different from the hoverboard.

Hovershoes compared to hoverboard provide a lot more different tricks and movements. Therefore, you will experience much more excitement and opportunities to capture the craziest videos. On the other hand, for those who do not feel too confident with hovershoes, we prepared new City hoverboard models. And you do not have to worry, the hoverboard will be exciting enough when you connect it to the Xplorer application because you will be able to listen to your favorite music, track driving, and customize driving characteristics.

There is nothing left but to try hoverboard and hovershoes. We did our party from the theory side, but you're the one who needs to try them and check out which one you prefer. One thing is certain, whatever you decide, with Xplorer you will not make a mistake.