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Hoverboard and Battery Maintenance

13. April 2018 13:35:37 CEST

In this blog, you will find out what can you do to maximize your Xplorer hoverboard's lifetime.

Upcoming advice will help you avoid damage (all damage caused by user error are voiding the warranty).

Handling and maintenance:

Do not ride non-offroad hoverboards on rough terrain to avoid plastic and motor damage. Ride on relatively dry surfaces. Avoid riding during rainfall to prevent water exposure to electronics and possible short circuits and corrosion.

Do not leave the hoverboard in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The battery inside the hoverboard is very sensitive to extreme temperatures and it can cause internal damage (permanent loss of capacity).

Clean the hoverboard after every ride and make sure that the charging connector is clean and dry.


The battery is the most important part of the hoverboard. If you take proper care of the battery, the battery will serve you well and have a long lifetime.

The hoverboard battery is made up of lithium ion cells which are the most powerful type of battery. To make the lithium battery last longer, one should take further steps:

- Fully charge the battery only when you plan to use it in next 24-48 hours. Otherwise, if sitting for too long, it will start permanently losing the capacity.

- Do not discharge the battery below 15% (red blinking light on a hoverboard). Overdischarge causes small but permanent loss of capacity.

- Never ever completely discharge the battery, it permanently kills the battery.

- Avoid exposure to temperature under -5*C and over 50*C.


As soon as the hoverboard gives the low battery signal, end the rise and charge the battery.


If you plan to store the hoverboard for longer periods of time (more than a month), charge the battery to 80% and put the hoverboard in the box. Every month or so, turn the hoverboard on for a few minutes and recharge the battery to 80%. If you do not recharge, the battery may completely discharge and become useless.

After storage: turn the hoverboard on, calibrate sensors and let it completely charge. After the charging process is complete, it is ready to ride.

Author: Martin Matešić