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Green ride with Green City electric scooter

30. Jänner 2019 12:28:04 CET

Last week we introduced our new model of electric scooter, Green City. As many of you have noticed, Green City has red wheels and there is no green in it. What is it that makes it green then? Very simply - just like all models of electric scooters, Green City is an ecologically acceptable form of transportation, which is why we recommend it this much. The electric scooter is designed as a simple electric vehicle for urban transport, avoiding traffic jams and crowds. In addition, there is less stress because you do not care about the parking lot, and you can sleep longer because you will avoid the classic traffic jam at traffic lights and intersections. The electric scooter is lightweight and foldable so you can take it wherever you go, whether to a job or a market.

Why were electric scooters the most popular form of transportation in 2018? Because of its sustainability and thanks to the fact that it does not pollute the natural environment. And not only it contributes to the preservation of nature. With an electric scooter, you will certainly enjoy the drive more. You know how tense crowds are in trams or buses and how there's never been any air in them. Although we agree that public transport is a better choice than a car, the electric scooter is currently the best possible option for city driving.

In order to make the electric scooters available to everyone, the new Green City model can be yours for just 349€. If you consider the monthly ticket price for public transport or the fuel price, the calculation is pretty simple in this case.

Thanks to its weight of 9 kg, Green City is extremely easy to carry. The 6,5“ full-tire wheels with the front shock absorber allow a very safe ride even on uneven terrain or macadam. Green City is an electric scooter for all generations, so find more information about it on our website or at our partner's stores.