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How to ride e-scooter?

26. November 2018 12:29:16 CET

Even though it sounds silly, we had a lot of confused customers who weren't sure how to ride our e-scooters. No worries, it's not complicated and it's simple as it gets.

All you need to know for start are the main parts of e-scooter: throttle, LED display, tube, and deck. The first step is to turn on the LED display and check the speed mode. If you are just starting with e-scooter, it's recommended to start with 1st speed and then you can accelerate once you take off. The second step is to put one foot in the deck, while you use other foot to kick backward. E-scooter will speed up and then you can put your other foot on the deck as well and change your speed using the throttle.

Recommendations for electric scooter ride:

1. When turning, you need to lean your body slightly toward the direction of turning.

2. Avoid riding e-scooter during heavy rain or bad weather conditions.

3. Avoid high-speed at unconventional roads.

4. Do not accelerate at downhill.

5. Do not hang heavy items on the handlebar.

6. Do not stand with one foot on the deck or the floor.