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Xplorer's e-scooters are equipped with Samsung Li-ion batteries which can last a considerably long time if you take care of them properly.

The average lifetime of a Li-ion battery is between 500 and 1000 cycles (1 cycle means one complete charge and discharge). After 500-1000 cycles the battery loses around 30% of its capacity and it is considered expired which means that it should be replaced.

How many cycles will you get from your battery (500 or up to 1000) completely depends on you.

- Lithium batteries should not be charged to 100% after every ride as it was the case with lead acid batteries.

- Charge the battery to 100% only if you plan to use it in next 24-28 hours, anything loner than that will damage the battery (over time).

- Do not over-discharge the battery (below 10-15%). If the battery's voltage is too low, it will permanently lose a tiny bit of its capacity which directly affects battery's performance.

- To extend the battery life to its maximum you should charge it to 80-90% percent.

- Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures (below -5 deg and above 50 deg).

- If you plan to store your e-scooter for extended periods of time, charge the battery between 60-80% and every month check the battery level and charge if needed to avoid over-discharge and damage.

I hope that this blog helped you extend your Xplorer's e-scooter lifetime :-)

Author: Martin Matešić