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Driving to work with electric scooter

10. Jänner 2019 09:23:31 CET

We know, it's cold. We know it's winter too. We know that it is snowing more often than in spring. Who would say? But there is no reason for you to sit behind the wheel and become a part of the terrible stressful and tough traffic jams. Believe us, you can easily avoid stressing in the traffic. Especially because we offer you an alternative way of transport, which is an electric scooter.

We recommend you Cherokee, electric scooter, ideal for city ride. LED lights, well-designed handles, special front light, and display make this model special. The big 8.5 inch wheels make the ride very comfortable and the rear disc brake will keep you safe. The technical specifications are combined with a good design solution so that you can go up to 15-20 km by one charge with a 7.5 Ah battery. This will be more than enough to drive around the city. In case of discharging the battery, use a normal socket to charge the e-scooter while you are at work. The electric scooter is environmentally safe and is an affordable alternative way of transport. Its 250W electric motor provides a maximum speed of 25km/h, which is achieved in just a few seconds.

Xplorer electric scooters are foldable and so is Cherokee, which makes it easy to transfer. Not only you can carry it easily to the office, but you can also carry it with you while driving with public transport. Also, you can carry it with you in case you are taking a train if you live, for example, in the suburbs or elsewhere.

We mostly love electric scooters because we are avoiding all the traffic stress and we come to our work super relaxed. Believe us, even Mondays don't look that stressful anymore.