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Xplorer Dash camera Q1

16. Jänner 2019 09:17:32 CET

A fast-paced world and today's tempo of living, unfortunately, lead to faster and more insecure driving in the car. From chasing the road to passing through the red light at the traffic light, it is only a matter of time when an accident occurs. We have already talked about how we recommend alternative modes of transport, such as electric scooters or electric bicycles. But for those who are still preferring the car, we recommend dash cameras for safe driving.

The Xplorer dash camera Q1 will provide you safe driving. It also provides full HD resolution and it comes with G-sensor. It provides you wide-angle shooting, it has a clear display, and a WiFi connection gives you the ability to connect and transfer data to a mobile phone or other smart devices. It's easy to use and install.

Why do we recommend it? With Full HD shooting resolution, you can easily read the registration plates and other similar data if the crash occurs. It is intended for anyone who wants to record every moment of the trip and be prepared for any traffic inconvenience. So, if you are still using a car as a main way of transport, at least be safe while driving.