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Connecting AR gun with smartphone

06. März 2019 11:14:56 CET

Do you have problems connecting the AR console to your smartphone?

Don't worry! In fact, there is no connection problem, just keep reading the blog and you'll see how much it is actually easy. What happens usually is that a lot of people are turning on Bluetooth on a smartphone, and turning on AR console at the same time. But, when you put a Bluetooth on, don't search for other connected devices because you won't find AR gun there. What do you really need to do? After you turn on Bluetooth, the console will automatically connect to your smartphone every time you launch the application. Why? Because the console itself serves as a kind of application.

How do I properly connect my AR gun to my smartphone?

To get started, download the Super AR or AR Gun application. The simplest way is to scan the QR code from the box of AR gun that leads to link for app download. Of course, there is a classic way to download the app, just go to the Play Store where you can easily download it.After downloading the application, place the batteries in the AR console (2xAAA for Crossfire, Proton and Blaster, 3xAA for Xcalibur) and turn on the console (for Proton, Xcalibur and Crossfire press the trigger, for Blaster hold trigger for 2 seconds).

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and start the application. The application will connect to the console automatically. After connecting, the console will be ready to use. And that's it. We hope we have solved all the dilemma of connecting the console to the mobile phone. Enjoy the game.