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In previous blog posts we provided you detail specifications and user experience of all Xplorer Bluetooth headphones and today we will compare them to help you decide which one to buy.

We will start with BQ 40 and BQ 50 headphones which are very similar to their specifications.

BQ 40 comes in green color. Part of the headphone that goes into the ear is made of ABS plastic while BQ 50 comes in black color and the part which goes into the year is made up of silicone. Both models turn on by holding the middle button for 5 seconds. After that, headphones will pair with your smartphone with the Bluetooth turned on. Because of their design, both models are intended for use duriing sports activities.

BQ 70 is the canal type headphones and have a very attractive red-grey design. They have embedded magnets so you can wear them as a necklace while not in use and. BQ 70 is very easy to tun on, just pull them apart and that is it. Headphones have silicone ear holders which makes them fit very securely in your ear and will not fall out even during most intense physical activities. Their battery lasts up to 4.5 hours.

All three models of Xplorer Bluetooth headphones are great for the sport and if you want your battery to last longer and want to be 100% sure that they will not fall out of your ears, then Xplorer BQ 70 are ideal headphones for you.

Author: Antonoija Jerbić