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Cardio - when and how often

04. Juli 2018 12:15:44 CEST

Weight training by itself is not complete without additional aerobic cardio training. All of us should find some extra time for cardio training, at least three times per week.

If your goal (like mine) is too gain muscle mass, then you may be afraid of burning a few more calories to maximise your gains. Well, there are many reasons to do cardio - strong heart and high lung capacity lead to stronger body, better pump and overall better fitness. So, cardio training is the key for strong and healthy body.

When is the best time for doing cardio?

First thing in the morning?

Some of us get up very early to do cardio on an empty stomach, which sounds great. Cardio in the morning is great for those who later in the day plan to weight train. But, there is a problem. When one does cardio before eating, the stress puts the body into survival mode and the body starts to break down muscles instead of fat. You sould eat a small meal rich in protein or drink a protein or BCAA shake before so your muscles can be safe from being eaten away.

Before wieght training?

Lots of people start their sessions with cardio. That 15-20 minutes of intense workout will noticeably lower your energy and performance levels for upcoming weight training. This should be avoided unless your fitness goal is general health.

After weight trainig?

This is very popular with those on a tight time schedule, including me. Muscles get very tired after a successful weight training, but your glycogen storage is full enough for a 20-minute cardio.


Do cardio in the morning after a light meal, or if you are tight with your spare time, do it after the weight training session.

Author: Martin Matešić