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I assume that I am not the only one who still uses wired headphones and wonders why am I still using wired headphones while in this time we can find many Bluetooth headphones on the market whether you are looking for sports headphones, high-end HiFi headphones or just budget headphones for listening to music from your phone.

How many times did you get stuck to things with your headphones and how many times did you pull your headphones from your pocket only to find them terribly tangled? You probably felt like you don't want to listen to music at all or you would start untangling them no one knows how many times already. That is exactly how I felt until, for the first time, I bought Xplorer BQ-70 Bluetooth headphones.

Considering their price range, I wasn't expecting too much, however, these were still budget headphones, but they looked like great headphones for sports activities such as running and training in the gym. When I unboxed them, the first thing I noticed was the design, I was really satisfied with it, they looked well made which is very important to me. Next thing that I noticed was, obviously, the wire that connects them is quite short and seems unlikely to tangle, yet it is long enough for headphones to fit perfectly into your ears. When I finally plugged them into my ears, I immediately felt how securely they fitted in, they fitted so secure that they could not fall out no matter what I did.

Of course, I had to test them myself, so I decided to run to the street workout park in Zaprešić in which I usually train. It usually takes me about 10 minutes of running. While I was running, Xplorer BQ-70 headphones did not fall out of my ears even once and I never had a feeling like they could which made me really happy and it also surprised me because I wanted headphones like these, ones who are good for the sport and everyday activities. While I was running I noticed that the sound quality was fantastic, the bass was strong and the sound itself was very clear. Isolation was also fantastic. That day I performed a high-intensity training in the park, exercises like squats, burpees, pushups, pull-ups and such. Headphones were secure in my ears and I did not have to adjust them during the exercise. Currently, I have them for over a month and I am still very satisfied with them, I still use them in my training sessions and they serve me well, I am not even a tiny bit sorry for buying them.

If you are still thinking whether you should buy Bluetooth headphones or not, my recommendation is that you should definitely try them and I currently recommend Xplorer BQ-40, BQ-50, and BQ-70 models because Xplorer Bluetooth headphones are the first Bluetooth headphones that I bought and used and they fulfilled my expectations. Pricewise, they are not too expensive and I am sure that you will love them and find them useful like they are very useful to me during my everyday activities.

Author: Dominik kosmač