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Blaster or Proton? Which AR console to choose?

01. Februar 2019 09:08:18 CET

There is almost no shop where you can go that doesn't have at least one Xplorer AR console model. At the moment we have 4 different models of augmented reality consoles, where Blaster and Proton consoles come in two different colors. The question is - which console to choose and with which one will you enjoy the most?

Do not worry. Wrong selection is not possible because all Xplorer consoles offer you the ability to play and enjoy in more than 20 different games with just one application. What's great and what makes the difference between these two models and Crossfire and Xcalibur is the mini joystick with which you can change the ammo/projectile, the zoom key, and the 360° rotation, with which you can better experience the augmented reality. As these consoles connect to a more advanced application, you will need more powerful smartphone performance compared to Crossfire and Xcalibur: minimum 2 GB of RAM, 2 GHz CPU and 1 GB of free space.

Blaster console comes in black and red and it looks a bit like Crossfire. The Proton comes in black and white and looks like it comes from a completely different dimension of fun. It has a futuristic look and you will look cool enough while playing with it.

Before you connect the console to your smartphone, you need to download the AR Gun application for both types of console. Once you download an app and connect an augmented reality console with your smartphone, you will be able to choose between more than 20 different games. You want to fight with zombies or are you more interested in fighting in the air? Your choice!