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Do you think an augmented reality is some strange term from the future? You will be surprised when you realize that this is the term from 50 years ago. In principle, augmented reality refers to an expanded reality that adds to our vision the contextual layers of information in real time. The far more prominent example of AR is the Pokémon Go game, which has led to the fact that all generations were haunting Pokémons all over their offices, shopping centers or at home.

Apart from the fact that most of today AR is bound up with entertainment, the development of an expanded reality can become extremely useful for our everyday life. AR could soon be used in all spheres and industries. Imagine that you want to visit some destination and you can fully explore it before you go there. Or you can check all the products in the store with all their details, prices and features without going to the store. Imagine you don’t have to wait for customer support to solve a problem you have. They could, actually, enter your world through the camera and solve the problem on the spot. Yes, that's possible and it's much closer to us than we know it.

AR could also lead to life-saving. Take for example cops or firefighters who go to the field where they do not know what exactly they expect. With the AR, they could get a virtual map of the space they are reaching in order to better prepare all the resources you need.

Until we get all these AR benefits, it's our suggestion that you enjoy the great fun with our AR consoles. Download Super AR or AR gun application, connect your smartphone to Bluetooth and defend your world from the enemies. Fun is guaranteed!