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New AR app - ARGunPro

11. Mai 2018 11:18:27 CEST

A new AR app has arrived in mobile app stores: The ARGunPro app.

ARGunPro works with Xplorer AR consoles and we decided to test it. The app and all games included are completely free and to use the app, you (obviously) need an Xplorer AR Console.

Sadly, the app is not optimized for joysticks in Proton and Blaster models, but it can be used on all our consoles due to 360 support. The main menu is overwhelmingly full of many different games, some of them require additional download due to their complexity.

Considering game types, there is about half of Ar and half of VR games. Sure, AR is what interests us and I can say that the experience is much better due to improved physics and full resolution surrounding stream on the screen.

ARGunPro Android

ARGunPro iOS

Here you can see how the gameplay looks::



Author: Martin Matešić