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Difference between AR and VR

03. Dezember 2018 16:25:38 CET

How to explain what’s augmented reality? Its name says it all. It is an expanded world in which various contextual layers are mapped to help you experience the virtual environment from your home. Although we have used AR for entertainment purposes so far, the expanded reality could lead to a significant improvement of our everyday life. With it, you could experience the reality that is not close at all. You could totally see the clothes or shoes you want to buy, all from home. No, we do not mean that you go to the web and check what models a store has, but you could literally try the product without moving from the couch. With such advanced technology, surgeons could have an insight into the ultrasound of the organs of the person they are operating during surgery.

Virtual reality is what its name says: virtual. It does not extend the reality as AR, but places the user in a virtual, closed world, detached from the real world. With VR you can easily find yourself on a rollercoaster or on the back of a super scary dragon or in any environment that brings a lot of excitement.

The basic difference between the AR and VR lies in the mode of use. AR is available already through an application that you conveniently install on your smartphone so you can use the extended reality anytime with any device. VR requires the use of special consoles, such as glasses, to move from the world to the virtual world of entertainment. VR is used more for the purpose of experiencing different content, but it is completely impossible to interact with the real world. AR on the other side totally provides the option of interacting with the real world.

So, with VR you escape from your world and with AR you expand your world. It's up to you how to use the reality in the best way!