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AR interesting facts

16. November 2018 08:47:53 CET

AR consoles are considered to be a new dimension of fun, not only for kids but for grownups too. A lot of AR apps are being developed every day and because of motor skills development and movement we enjoyed them that much. Here are some interesting facts about them.

1. 50 years of AR existence.

Yes, you saw that right. Even though AR has become popular in the last few years, AR was “invented” in 1968, which makes 50 years of its existence.

2. “Augmented reality” phrase was invented in 1990.

And it was invented thanks to eXplorer Tom Caudell, who wanted to describe merging graphics solutions and physical consoles.

3. Augmented reality is not only fun for kids, but it’s being used for a lot of industries.

Even though we connect it mostly with kids, many industries, such as sports or tourism are using AR. In sports for example, with AR you can easily learn new skills. NFL also uses AR for a better viewing experience. In tourism, with AR you can get total experience with the place you want to book. Or if you want to book a flight, with AR you can check some extra conditions on a particular flight, like leg space or entertainment systems.

4. AR was used in a space.

Correct. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in a space where he used AR technology.

5. Continuous development of AR start-ups and apps

In 2017 there were 1.261 AR start-ups. Imagine how many apps and consoles are there for our new favourite dimension of fun.