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AR consoles - fun for whole family

07. November 2018 08:56:09 CET

Do you still remember Monopoly, Scrabble or Uno? Yeah, we enjoyed playing those, even when we were losing (ok, some of us would get really mad while losing). I believe that most of the kids today don't have a clue about these board games because now they are being born with smartphones. However, it doesn't have to be that bad.

We are living in the world of virtual reality, but we can use it in the best way and enjoy in bonding with our young ones. You only have to connect augmented reality console to your smartphone, get the app and enjoy super fun games. The best part of it? Kids are no longer attached to the couch or computer chair! They move more around the place and develop their motor skills. And no one will have something against you jumping into the world of fun and spend more quality time with your kids.

The advice of the day: Don’t hate everything that comes as a new technology invention. Educate yourself about it and use all the gadgets and technology in a smart way. Relax, take a gadget and enjoy.