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According to the scientists, the best way to 'socially distance yourself‘ is on a bicycle. You not only protect yourself, strengthen your lungs, but also protect other people.

The bicycle as self-protection according to virologists

The best way to distance yourself socially in traffic is in the car or on the bicycle. Cycling has a clear advantage. It protects you from the virus in many ways. Virologists who specialise in the corona virus also see bicycles as the perfect self-protection. People can and should decide for the bicycle instead of using public transport. This could reduce the risk of infection. 


 1. You automatically keep your distance

The advantage of cycling is that you automatically keep a distance of 1.5 metres. But cyclists do not only automatically keep their distance to others, they also have a lower risk of getting infected because they touch fewer surfaces. 

 2. No infection as in a public transport

People who avoid buses and trains reduce the risk of infection because the corona virus is mainly transmitted byadroplet infection over short distances. The pathogen can survive on surfaces for a long time and may still be transmissible and contagious. Every touch in public transport therefore carries a fundamental risk.

3. Cycling provides preventive protection

Cycling has another meaning in times of the lung disease corona, it can also have a preventive effect. If you cycle regularly, even if it is only comfortable, it strengthens your immune system. Now that the gyms have closed their doors, cycling is an excellent alternative for athletes and people who still want or need to exercise. 

4. Cycling strengthens the lungs

When cycling rhythmically, the respiratory system is also well ventilated and blood circulation is improved. "You breathe more intensively, which means you clean your lungs well.

5. Cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system

People who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension should also move. Regardless of age, these conditions are among the underlying diseases that increase the risk of a more severe course of Covid-19.

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