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Electric scooter is starting to be the most attractive way of transport. Especially if we talk about the going to work and avoiding crowds around the city. With a car you always have to think about where you're going to park, how much time you will lose and how big crowds are going to be. With an electric scooter you can get rid of stress and enjoy the fresh air while driving to work. Below you can read our 3 reasons why we choose an electric scooter in relation to a car.

1. E-scooter is more ecologically acceptable than a car. There is no release of harmful gases into the air and the environment, making it completely ecologically aware. Therefore, apart from enjoying the air while driving, you contribute to protecting the environment. Good for you!

2. Electric scooter is the best solution for avoiding traffic jams. Less stress, more joy. With e-scooter you get more time for yourself, because you do not have to think about where you're going to park your car. But have in mind to take a good care of the people on the sidewalk if you're driving your e-scooter there.

3. Xplorer electric scooters are simple to transport. They are foldable and can be easily carried anywhere with you. Whether you are going to the office, city or school, the e-scooter can always be with you.